A more-is-better approach to makeup is the favored look at the movement. All you need to do is take a quick look on Instagram to see all the dramatic looks with lots of lashes, statement lips and bold, well, everything. There are now approximately 27 (and counting) ways we can highlight and chisel our faces and it seems like every week there is some new multi-step makeup technique. You can credit/blame the Kardashians and their love of full-on glamour for the popularity of statement beauty looks. While the dramatic makeup looks are great, there is also something to be said for an understated look.

I’m not just talking about “no makeup” looks, I’m referring to any look that uses a light-handed approach and doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME!!!!” but instead whispers it. Think of a touch of colored mascara, a dot of contrasting shadow in the inner corners or a double flick of eyeliner.

Bright eyeshadow paired with a vampy lip and fake lashes is always going to catch a beauty lover’s attention but a less-is-more approach to makeup has a different appeal. It’s not just because you notice the person’s face first as opposed to their crazy-colored lipstick. Part of the appeal is that it isn’t immediately obvious. You have to see the look up close before you notice it. You may not notice that subtle ombre lip or that peach blush right away but when you do, you’re always surprised to see how pretty it is.

Would you call Kerry Washington’s shot of sky blue liner boring? I don’t think so. You’ll probably be most likely to comment on how she found a way to wear pastel blue eyeshadow and match her makeup to her clothes without it looking dated.

Understated looks show that you don’t have to pile on the product to create a stunning look. A less-is-more beauty looks is the equivalent of a minimalist gown in a sea of sparkly, heavily-embellished dresses. It may not be the first thing that your eye is drawn to but when you notice it, you won’t be able to look away. You’ll find it a refreshing change and appreciate the detail rather than experience a sensory overload.

Next time you’re doing your makeup. Think about what your are putting on your face rather than just slapping it all on because you can. Maybe you don’t need that eyeliner if you already have that orange lipstick. That orange lipstick is so pretty it deserves to have all the focus instead of competing with a dramatic eye so a flick of liner will be sufficient. Just think about how much time and product you’ll save.

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