Don't let the hassle of re-doing your hair stop you from staying active. We got the game plan from Uros Mikic, hairstylist and creative director for Matrix Australia.

Is it damaging to your hair to wash and dry it every day after sport?

It is actually better for you in the long run, as washing and drying your hair after sports will prevent any growth of bacteria. Also, the scalp is not battling to dry your hair and in turn producing more oils, which can lead to an oily scalp. To minimise styling damage, keep your hairdryer and other heated tools on minimum heat.

Any tips for making it possible to return to work straight after a workout?

Use dry shampoo to remove some of the oils and moisture from the scalp, and wrap hair in a bun. Do yourself a favour by not wearing your hair down after a workout - keep your smelly hair up and away!

Apart from looking unattractive, is sweat bad for your hair?

It's not bad for your hair, but it's not healthy either. You should wash it out as soon as you can, as you are risking infections, rashes or an itchy scalp as a build-up of sweat suffocates hair folicles. 

Different sports require different hairstyles. What do you recommend for these options?

Yoga: Top knot – it keeps the hair away from the face and as the scalp is breathing, it will keep you cool.

Running or cardio: Ponytail if you have long layers. An alternative for shorter hair is a braid across the front.

Swimming: Wet down your hair before you enter the pool and flat-wrap it around your head and place the cap over it. This will give you a sleek, clean look. Put extra conditioner in your hair before going swimming to protect from chlorine. Wash out hair throughly with a nourishing shampoo. 

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